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A bit about myself and why this page exists

Loving as God told us to

I'm an engineer with many years in the industry and getting up there in years.  I've had a long and interesting career and find my self thinking about what's next.  The Lord has put on my heart the desire to start this website and talk about God's love for ALL of us.  I have no idea where this will end up, but under His direction, it will be a great ride for all of us and end up just how He wants it.

Along with my beautiful wife, two great (almost) grown daughters and a loving and godly mother, I hope that this website and the concept of "There's more of us than them" will resonate with people and provide a place where people can find a sense of belonging and perhaps healing through God's love, and our love too!

I believe that God pressed the idea that there are more of us than them onto my heart and I hope that this message will spread.  In the same way that the Moral Majority of the 80's was a concept that allowed otherwise separated people to feel connected, hopefully us "Mou's" (More Of Us) will also find fellowship and camaraderie.

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