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I had a dream...

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

A few months ago, in the early morning while I was half awake and half asleep, I had a dream. It was the most vivid and realistic dream I'd ever had. The phrase "There's more of us than them" was pressing into my mind.

I thought about it and realized that the 'us' in that were the people who were 'good'. The 'them' were not. The point was that there are more good people than bad in this world.

I felt that God was showing me something very important. He was saying that there are so many people who loved others, did not want to cause harm and in most cases loved the Lord.

God also was showing me that there is a small minority of people who do not feel this way and that they have an inordinate influence on what happens all around us and to us.

He showed me more in my dream. I was standing on a stage, speaking to a large group. The words were flowing out of my mouth and I felt on fire with the Holy Spirit. I was telling people about the two commandments that Jesus told his disciples that they must follow:

  1. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind

  2. Love your neighbor as yourself

While the first commandment is paramount, I was focusing my talk on the second. I was telling people that we need to love each other, to go out of our way to show that love, and to resist those that would harm the people that love each other.

I was explaining that a group needed to be formed, or banner raised, that would provide a rallying point for the 'good' people. It would be a place to share our experiences, lift each other up and to seek help from the rest of us that love them.

It was also clear to me that this group reach all people, regardless of their faith, or lack of it. While I'm a confirmed Christian, I realize that there are many faiths in the world and that a great many people who follow these faiths are good people, and that God loves them all.

Today, after all these months, this idea gelled and God pushed me to start this website and write my very first blog.

This group transcends politics and other worldly belief systems that drive wedges between people. Good people are Republicans and Democrats. They are gay and straight. They come in all skin colors. They have very different backgrounds. They are rich and poor.

Calling someone 'good' or 'bad' is an extremely subjective thing and I believe everyone has their own definition of what each means. This is as it should be. For me, and with regards to this group, being 'good' basically means that:

You follow the second commandment:

Love each other!

There are no other qualifications.

So, if you're 'good' and want to be part of a movement who's purpose is to bring together people from all over, regardless of their faith, their politics, their sexual persuasion, their skin color or language or culture, then contribute your thoughts and experiences. Make it a point in your day to show someone else love in the way Jesus meant. Let them know that they are loved and matter to you and the world.

In this way, we can all begin to move the world away from the forces of darkness and towards tht world that God wants us to have. We've been given the power, let's use it!

May God bless us all and empower us to show each other love everyday!



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